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Tots & Youth Programs

Tiny Tots 4-6 years

Use a red ball and modified nets.  Focus on FUN, improving gross motor skills, hand eye coordination, movement, anticipation, social skill and the correct basic swing patterns to all strokes.

Young Stars Hotshots 6-8 years

Still use red balls and gradually transition to orange balls.  Slightly larger court use, much more emphasis on correct technique and being able to aim shots and rally using whole court.

Future Stars Hotshots 8-11 years

Using green balls on full courts.  Matchplay provided in house and tournaments with emphasis on processes that encourage long term improvement, ie: correct swings/technique, point construction, court movement.  Our program is based by improvement in all aspects of a child’s game rather than being a results motivated program.



We have squads for all our more developed juniors from the age of 6 years – 18 years.  Our advanced and keen juniors are grouped together based on their age and/or level to provide an environment where children can push each other to improve while developing friendships.

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