Coaching Programs

Children's programmes

Tony is a High Performance Coach through Tennis Australia who will provide high quality coaching programmes for any age and any standard. If children do not learn the correct swing patterns of how each stroke is produced early their game will break down when they reach 13 and older. Our aim is to give every junior the base to reach their full potential – where ever that may be. Children gain more enjoyment from the game the longer they can maintain a rally.

We provide the pathway necessary for children to progress with their tennis as long as they desire all the way to competing at an international level. Our level of coaching, competition, training and nutritional programmes keep pace with the juniors requirements as they progress with their tennis.


Tiny Stars Hotshots - 4 to 6 years old

Modified Red Ball program aimed at developing children's gross motor skills, co ordination, balance, movement, anticipation and general social skills due to learning in a group environment. Children learn the basics swing patterns of all strokes and build confidence while having fun learning how to rally. The first session is always free so families can decide if child likes the group lesson format and playing tennis.

Young Stars HotShots – 6 to 8 years

Very soft (red) balls still used for a little while before moving to soft (orange) balls and on slightly larger court, reinforcement of stroke productions ( much more emphasis on correct technique and being able to aim shots and use of court.

(All Juniors who enrol and pay for terms of Young Stars receive free racquet and shirt).

Future Stars Hotshots – 8 to 10 years

Slightly low pressure (green balls), full court, introduced to competition or match play with emphasis on processes that make for long term improvement ie correct swing patterns / technique in game rather than being a results motivated program.

Emerging Stars Squad – 11 to 13 years

Continuation of technical and tactical progression with the aim of competing well at a high level when older or just playing as well as the individual can play and really enjoying the game. Tennis is a game children can play for life. Tournament programme expands as does of court training and nutritional advice. Players are introduced to routines and control of psychological aspects on court.

Elite Squad – 13 years and over

Caters for players wanting to be serious tennis players. All technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of a players game necessary to compete in open tennis are included in this programme.

[ABOVE] Tony with NCAS squad who won the NSW State Academies of Sport Tennis teams event receiving award from Wally Masur.

Adult Programmes

Group lessons

Available for beginners, intermediates or advanced adult tennis players.

Private lessons

Private and semi-private lessons are available for both juniors and adults.

Aerobic Tennis

Very popular with adults wanting to learn or improve their tennis, tone some muscles, get fitter, lose some weight and gain nutritional advice. Different levels of fitness and tennis ability are catered for. Sessions go for 1 hour of aerobic work. This involves various tennis drills where your heart rate is kept in a safe zone through the use of heart rate monitors ( provided ) to gain maximum aerobic effect for your age and fitness level. All this is done to music. Great fun and benefits your health and fitness levels.

Level of fitness, weight loss and level of tennis are objectively tested and measured during the programme to guage improvements made in the 3 key areas.

$15.00 per 1hr session or $65 for 5 weeks

If you fall into the following categories

  • Want to lose some weight
  • Want to improve your fitness levels
  • Want to learn tennis in a fun action filled environment
  • Want to gain nutritional advice

Then Aerobic tennis is for you!

Heart rate monitors used to check level of work and number of calories burnt. Scales for weight checks also available.

To enrol in any of the above phone Tony on 0428 454 928


  • Fully qualified Tennis Aust. High Performance Coach     ( highest coaching qualification in Australia )
  • 2016 Selected by Tennis Aust. as a Platinum Talent Development Coach; Only 10 selected in Aust and Tony is ONLY REGIONAL one in Australia 
  • 2016 Selected as Coach for the NSW State 14 Girls Team for the Aust Teams Carnival in Melbourne
  • 2016 1st Regional NSW coach to coach 2 girls selected in same NSW State Team for Aust Carnival
  • 2013 Selected by Tennis Aust. as Talent Development Coach
  • 16 years as Head Coach of North Coast Junior Squad
  • Selected by Tennis NSW as running and developing the best elite programme for Academies of Sport in NSW.
  • Coached numerous National Top 10 Australian juniors
  • Runner up Aust over 40 Veterans singles – Newcastle
  • Played & coached in USA, France, Belgium and Germany.

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